Saturday, April 25, 2015
Anyone who has known me long enough would know that I'm a huge skincare and makeup junkie. I started out blogging as a beauty blogger, which makes it no surprise since I am super vain already.

Amongst all the skincare and makeup products, what ranks top on my list of "must-haves" would definitely be sunscreen. You can diligently put on all the skincare and makeup products in the world, but sorry to break it to you: without sunscreen, most of your efforts would go to waste, simply because harmful UV rays are one of the major causes of most skin problems (ranging from pigmentation to premature skin ageing).

I can understand the hesitation for some people to put on sunscreen on a daily basis. One of my peeves when it comes to using sunscreen is that they are sometimes too oily/greasy, or leave a sticky residue... not too comfortable to wear and definitely not great for someone with oily skin like myself.
I have been trying out a two new best-selling sunscreens from KOSÉ SEKKISEI, and not only do they have SPF 50+ PA++++ (SPF protects from UVA rays, and PA 4+ gives the highest protection against UVB rays), but they are also very lightweight and blend into the skin so well. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these sunscreens can actually create aprotective barrier on your skin against harsh pollutants like smoke!

I recently went on a trip to Shanghai and I brought both sunscreens with me. I've heard so much about the bad air pollution in Shanghai so I was preparing myself to break out real badly... but to my surprise I didn't break out at all (neither from the pollution nor from thesunscreen). I made sure I diligently applied my skincare and protected my skin with the KOSÉ Sun Protect Essence Gel without fail every morning.
Plus, it was cold while I was there but since my DRx skincare products are for my oily-combination skin, I didn't have anything hydrating... Surprisingly, the Essence Gel kept my skin very well hydrated even in the cold weather.

Both the Gel and Milk textures are suitable for all skin types and contain skin brightening oriental herbal ingredients! I personally prefer the Essence Gel as it feels lighter, but I do use the Essence Milk on my body especially on a hot, sunny day as it is waterproof and sweat-resistant.

Don't let the weather fool you - even if it's a cloudy or rainy day, you still need to apply sunscreen on your skin as the UVB rays can penetrate through the layers of cloud!

In terms of texture... while I was expecting that I would prefer the Essence Milk (which feels more liquidy), I actually ended up liking the Essence Gel more (lightweight gel texture).
Left: Essence Milk | Right: Essence Gel
Both the Gel and Milk absorb very quickly, and are ultra lightweight. On application, it didn't feel as though either had left a residue on my skin, neither was there a white cast when I took flash photos. What I really like is how great these sunscreens work as a makeup base too.

Since they blend in so well, I can immediately apply my makeup instead of waiting around for the product to absorb! Reapplying is also a breeze, as I can simply pat on the sunscreen over my makeup without it smudging (I’m wearing concealer and loose powder on my skin in the photos).
Keep your skin well protected from the sun with KOSÉ SEKKISEI’s Sun Protect Essence Milk and Gel in Singapore's sunny weather! You can always head down to any KOSÉ counter and decide for yourself which texture is your favourite.

P.S. For my budget conscious readers, the SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel N retails at just $50 for 80g, while the Sun Protect Essence Milk N is $46 for 60g! Absolutely love how they are kept so affordable!

Btw, I’ll be doing a SEKKISEI giveaway via my instagram @jamietyj, so do check out the post (search #jamietyjxsekkisei) for your chance to win some awesome products! Cheers and good luck x.

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