Gumtoo (II)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

You know, you've probably seen them around, those metallic gold and silver tattoos that are almost like an accessory. They stand out a lot more than the conventional ones, and they are too gorgeous to wear and look at. Plus, perfect for summer as an accessory for your bikinis and maxi dresses.

You guys might have seen me wearing them in my previous posts, or on Instagram.

I got to try out some of the Metallic Tattoos from Gumtoo and I gotta say, it was hard for me to decide which one I want to wear. I'm somebody who loves to wear dainty accessories so this for me is like an accessory that I don't have to take off for 2~3 weeks unless I want to.

There are a couple of ways you can wear your temporary tattoos:

Layer them like I did here,

or wear them as little accent pieces, it's totally up to you!

My personal favourite is to wear a small piece like this as a ring, which is super cute!

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