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Tuesday, April 14, 2015
For as long as I could remember, I have always been a tea person. Green tea, red tea, black tea, oolong tea - you name it. One of my favourite types of tea is actually floral tea, because I love the floraly aroma of the teas.

If you don't already know, teas are very healthy and good for you! Of course, I don't mean the type laiden with sugar like the bottled ones, which is why I'm glad that I prefer drinking teas without sugar, and I prefer to brew them myself.

I've been hearing of detox teas around lately, and That Tea sent me a few of their tea blends to try - Detox Tea, Night Tea, and Skinny Tea from That Tea. (Ingredients of each tea blend can be found here:

In the day, I either drink the Detox Tea or the Skinny Tea. I liked that each tea bag comes enclosed in a single sealed sachet, so I don't have to worry about the tea losing it's aroma after a while.

If you prefer brewing your own tea from tea leaves (instead of using tea bags), That Tea also offers the option of loose tea leaves, which gives a stronger tasting tea.

I use their strainer for the loose tea leaves, and a little goes a long way - one teaspoon is enough! The loose leaves does smell stronger and gives the tea a stronger taste as well.

And at night, I relax and drink the Night Tea while I use my iPad or my laptop before bed. Unlike caffinated teas, floral teas don't contain caffine. The Night Tea contains lavender and camomile to help you relax and prepare for bed at night, perfect for an insomniac like myself.

The favourite part of these is that all the teas are very tasty. My favourite would have to be the Night Tea which is super fragrant, and really does smell super relaxing... almost like you've lit a candle in the room.

If you'd want to try out the teas (and various other more available), check out That Tea's website for more information!

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