Sunday, June 28, 2015
Featurning AshInCans for today's advert! I actually remember AshInCans as one of the first few blogshops that appealed to my style back when I was a teenager, so I was really quite excited when they contacted me for an advert!
Established in 2011, Ashincans is an online fashion store based in Singapore. Our site is updated weekly with new content and arrivals.All Ashincans apparels are designed and manufactured to become the wardrobe updater of every girl.
AshInCans also manufacture their clothes from time to time, and one of the pieces sent to me was the Lilac Pocket Skater Dress. Dresses with pockets get extra love!

I'm also a big fan of rompers as they let me look demure like I'm wearing a dress, but maintain the convenience of wearing shorts. Wearing thePurple Floral Skorts Rompers here!

Keeping comfy staying in wearing this cropped knitted top as well! I hate it when knits are prickly sometimes but this is definitely super comfy!

Adding a pop colour and edge to my girly outfit with this red flannel shirt~

Quote "jamietyj" when shopping at AshInCans to get 10% off your shopping!

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