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Wednesday, August 19, 2015
For those of you who may not know, I used to be a rythmnic gymnast when I was 9~14 years old. Over the years of training and standing on my tippy toes, both of my feet have callus on them (mainly on the big toe, and a little beneath the little toe). Then as I got older, I started wearing high heels which caused friction around the same area, and to add on, as well as my heel area.

I have always been self conscious of my callus, but I don't do pedicures to get rid of them because my feet are so ticklish! I have gotten a pedicure done once and I felt sooo bad because it was so hard for the manicurist to prep my feet for the pedicure since I kept squirming around whenever she touched my sole.

Then there's buffing with a file, but because of the amount of callus I have this usually take a really long time with minial results - totally not worth the effort. Even my boyfriend (who has been through the army) has nicer feet/soles than mine... WHY!! His feet is so smooth and free from callus despite the fact that he runs quite often too #lifesnotfair :(

So I literally jumped at the chance when Clarisonic offered to send their Pedi Kit for me to try out. I was sooooo happy when I got it and felt like a little girl on Christmas Day opening her presents, and kept showing my feet to B after I was done using it for the first time like "see see omg so smooth now omg" and kept shoving my foot to him LOL. Later that day he came up to me and told me "I'm glad you got to try this out.. because if not when you see it at Sephora you'd surely buy it" :x

Okay, backstory aside.. let me share with you about the actual Clarisonic Pedi kit.
The Pedi Kit is a 2~4 step kit for caring and pampering your feet, and takes me around 5~15 minutes when I use it. Reason being that 2 of the steps are for twice a week use, and the other 2 are for daily.

Aside from the device itself, there are 5 other accompanying products to the Pedi Kit.

1. Smoothing Disc
"Designed to smooth and soften dull, rough foot skin, the textured metal disc utilizes sonic oscillating technology toefficiently and safely slough away rough dry areas without damaging the health of the foot skin."

2. Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head
A combination of short rigid filaments and longer, flexible filaments allows for optimal migration of the Pedi-Buff for more even coverage to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and buff dry damaged feet.

3. a)Pedi Balm (left), b) Pedi Buff (right)
a) After exfoliating, use this non-greasy and no-slip hydrating balm tolock in moisture, softening and hydrating the feet. This balm contains a moisturizing blend of shea butter, honey and apricot oil that instantly absorbs into the skin for a naturally soft finish.
b) Used in conjunction with the buffing brush head, this powerfulcleansing scrub contains a triple-kick exfoliating blend of lactic acid, apricot seed and a tri-fruit complex to dissolve away rough, dead skin and refine texture.

4. Pedi Boost
Used twice-weekly, this effective foot peel is specifically designed toexfoliate and renew skin without the use of harsh ingredients. The combination of lactic and glycolic acid elevates the foot care regimen, exfoliating beyond the capabilities of physical exfoliants, renewing and rejuvenating dull, tired feet.
How to Use
Daily: Begin foot transformation by scrubbing away set-in debris and smoothing dry, rough skin with the Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head and Pedi-Buff. Follow with the Pedi-Balm to hydrate and protect feet with a slip-resistant finish.

Twice Weekly: Use the Pedi Smoothing Disc on thoroughly dry feet before the Pedi-Buff and Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head. Treat with Pedi-Boost for total foot renewal and additional skin softening. Finish with Pedi-Balm to hydrate and protect.

I think this is the first time ever that I've shown a photo of my feet, but here you go. As you can see, the callus on my (also dry) heel is thick and unsightly :(. This was before I've began to use the Pedi Kit.

Before I get started on how I use the Pedi Kit, let me talk a little about the device. As many of you might know, I am currently using the Clarisonic Aria and I love it because the shape of the product makes it very comfortable to grip. The Clarisonic Pedi is exactly like the Aria in terms of the size (as well as charger) but the only difference is that the Clarisonic Pedi is able to deliver a much stronger vibration than the Aria - which is why you can't use your regular facial Clarisonic devices (unless they have the speeds for body like the Pro or Plus models) for this, as they won't be able to deliver enough power. Also, just like all other Clarisonic devices, the brush heads do not spin, but instead, they oscillate back and forth so that it will be effective yet gentle on your skin.

One of the down sides I found about the Clarisonic Pedi was that the battery doesn't hold it's charge for as long as the other devices. It might be that I use it on the highest speed when buffing, or that it has a strong output, but the battery seems to last for a shorter amount of time before it needs charging. Although, this is not really a huge problem for me as I just put it to charge every 2~3 days after using it.

Also, with the smoothing disc, there isn't an option for how long to buff it for, but with the wet/dry buffing brush head, you can choose between 2 or 3 minutes options by simply pressing the up/down arrow while the device is turned off.

Using the Clarisonic Pedi is really quite easy, just twist on/off the specific heads, and buff your feet in circular motions.
For the smoothing disc, it is recommended you use it on dry skin so I tend to use it before my shower. I then follow up with the wet/dry buffing brush head after applying the pedi-buff at the end of my shower as my feet would be softer then, and it would make it easier for me to buff off the dead skin.

Post-shower is really simple as well! Twice a week, I'll apply 3~4 drops of Pedi-Boost onto each feet, before following up and massaging my feet with the Pedi Balm!
Just 5~15 minutes a day for smoother and softer feet! Plus, it helps that you get to pamper yourself a little after a work day. I find that the perfect time to do this is actually after applying a hair treatment, so that when you are done with this, you can wash out your hair treatment as well! #multitasking

Here's about a month after using the Clarisonic Pedi Transformation System! Yay to baby soft feet :)

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