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Monday, June 20, 2016
As a huge beauty junkie, I've always believed that a good base helps your makeup to look and apply better. Besides taking care of your skin with skincare products, good cleansing (makeup removal + cleanser) is a must.

For the longest of time, I have been using micellar waters to remove my makeup. My skin was quite sensitive and acne-prone, so micellar waters were a lifesaver - they not only did the job but worked well on my skin.. but the only downside was that the brand that worked for me was really expensive $$$$$$. Not only that, I always had to use a separate remover for my waterproof mascaras (before I had eyelash extensions) because the micellar water could never remove it completely.

I actually heard about the Garnier Micellar Water from beauty gurus raving about them on YouTube for its really good value and quality, and my sister uses it as well so I was really excited to get to try this out for myself. Garnier Micellar Water has 2 variants:
1. The Pink Micellar – for light makeup users who don’t use waterproof mascara
2. Blue Biphase Micellar (blue cap) - which contains no oil but is able to remove even waterproof makeup!
Also, it’s made in the U.S. but lucky for us, SG is actually the first country in Asia to fly this in from the U.S.!

The Blue Micellar Water has a special biphase formula that works to remove waterproof makeup, but is gentle enough on your eyes and skin so it's still suitable for sensitive skin (no oil, fragrance, or alcohol). Just like other biphase cleansers, you are supposed to shake it up to create an emulsion.
I was initially quite skeptical about using this because I have eyelash extensions on so I'm not supposed to use oil-based removers, but the waterproof formula is completely non-oily without compromising its efficacy. For lazy girls, you'd be delighted to know that this actually doubles as a cleanser - so there is no need for you to double cleanse if you don't want to!

With just one swipe, most of my eye makeup was removed. I will usually go in again nearing the top and bottom lashline with a q-tip because I have eyelash extensions on and this lets me get nearer to the lashline without disrupting my lashes.

In fact, this works as well as (or even better) than the expensive brand I used to buy! For comparison purposes, I saturated two pieces of cotton pads with the removers and left it on for 10 seconds on my eyes before swiping it off.
While both brands removed the eyeshadows quite well, the difference is more obvious when it comes to my waterproof eyeliner

Squeeeeaky clean! The blue version is actually more hydrating (which is a plus because wearing makeup all day actually dries out the skin) so I will recommend this over the pink one for those of you who have dry skin! I love how my skin feels so hydrated, soft and completely free of makeup after using it.

If you get home too late or are just too lazy to remove your makeup properly, here's a tip!
Garnier is also bringing in a whole range of cleansers and makeup wipes targeted at different skin types so that you can find one that's perfect for your skin. 

Like I mentioned, cleansing is very important so while there isn't a need to, I do like to wash my face before I apply my skincare products. Have been trying out Garnier's new cleansers and I love how gentle they all are. My favourite is the Balancing Daily Exfoliator!

The Green Cleanser + Wipes has Jojoba and peppermint for normal skin. The Black Cleanser + Wipes has charcoal for oily skin. The Orange Cleanser has pomegranate and grapefruit for combination skin. The Light Blue Wipes has calming plant extracts for sensitive skin. One for every skin type!

Blue version sells at $19.90 (but there is a 20% off intro price now; $15.90), and is available at Watsons, Guardian and major super/hypermarts
Pink version sells at $17.90 (20% off intro price now; $14.30), available exclusively at Guardian till Sep 2016, before it is available nationwide at Watsons, Guardian and major super/hypermarts

Lastly, giveaway! Submit your review of Garnier Micellar Water on your IG/FB/Youtube, and hashtag #garniermicellarsg. If you get featured on Garnier’s IG or FB, you will win 1 bottle of Garnier Micellar Water for yourself instantly! Follow Garnier’s Fb and IG page to see if you have won!

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