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Friday, July 8, 2016
I think I have said this countless of times before, but to get great skin, cleansing is very important. While I am a huge fan of make up, I defnitely think that without a good base, your makeup will not look as good as it can be. Besides it being makeup prep, proper cleansing also allows your skin to breathe after a long day of exposure to the sun/pollutants in the air and helps in skincare absorbtion.

I was recently sent and have been trying out Rosette's Face Washes and now I am completely hooked. Rosette is a skincare brand founded in Japan, and it means "Elegance of Rose" and "Nobility", and their very first product was a paste-type facial wash made with sulfur (for acne protection). Now, Rosette has 4 different types of face washes to suit every skin type.

One of the things I found interesting was that the face wash was called "pasta" face wash - and that is apparently due to the wash's fine texture and doughy form - so do bear in mind that this isn't a typo!

Since being introduced to beauty products, I have had tried a lot of Japanese brands' face washes and I noticed one thing that was consistent through their products is that they tend to prefer gentle face washes that produce a large amount of thick, fluffy foam. This is due to their skincare belief that this not only helps with better cleansing, but also reduces the amount of force and friction on the skin, thus helping maintain the youthful look (no wrinkles).

The one that I was most interested to first try out was the White Clay (Pink, contains White Clay, Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen) as I feel that it's always good to start anti-aging early. If you have oily/acne prone skin, try the blue tube, and if you have sensitive/normal skin I would recommend the green one! The clays all produced a very thick and rich lather, but I feel that the White Clay was the densest.

They were all easy to lather.. I got a rich lather within seconds!

The foam feels so fluffy and smooth it's like washing your face with a cloud. I really liked that it leaves your face feeling squeaky clean without drying it out or making it feel tight. Plus, this is really great for those of you with acne problems (the blue tube) because it is so gentle and will not aggravate your acne. I prefer a bit more exfoliation so I use this with my Clarisonic after massaging it onto my skin for a while.

What's unique about Rosette’s facial wash is the use of different natural clay (Sea Clay, Ghassoul and White Clay) to suit different skin types and solve different skin problems. This way, not only is your skincare targetted to suit your skin, but your cleanser is as well!

If you are younger and have normal/acne-prone skin type, I'm pretty sure you'd like the Kaidei Smooth or Acne Clear one. I used to have oily skin and very often, cleaners targetted at such issues will strip your skin of natural oils and make it feel really tight - which is not an issue I've experienced with Rosette's facial washes.

I have tried all but the Acne one because that is not suitable for my skin type, and I'm glad to say that they all get a thumbs up from me. My favourite will have to be a tie between White Clay (Lifting) and Ghassoul (Whitening)!

All of Rosette's face washes are without added colours, fragrances or mineral oils, it still smells really nice and refreshing. What's best? They only cost $9.90, which will be really affordable for students too!

Rosette is available at all SASA and Watsons stores.
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