Rosette Nature Blend Peeling Gel + Clay Mask

Sunday, October 9, 2016
While it is important that we cleanse our face well, it is equally important to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. I've always been a sucker for skincare, and today I have something new to share with you guys from Rosette.

Rosette has just launched two new products to add on to their existing range of facial cleansers - Nature Blend Peeling Gel and Nature Blend Clay Pack. Both of the new products contain special ingredients to help rejevenate the skin.

Pearl Powder: Accelerates new skin growth. Softens and firm. Heals acne and blemishes. Increases elasticity.
Squalene Oil: Hydrates the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Lightens skin pigmentation.
Seaweed Extract: Contains a lot of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants to keep the skin revitalized, moisturized, and youthful. Anti-inflammatory, and is effective in expelling toxins from pores.

Nature Blend Marine Peeling Gel ($11.90)
If you are keeping up with your skincare regime and still find that your skin looks dull, it could be that you aren't exfoliating enough. I exfoliate daily with my sonic cleanser, but that might be too harsh for some of you - especially if you suffer from acne. One of the solution is to use a peeling gel - which works by sticking to the dead skin cells and balling them up so that you can easily wash it off. It's really gentle so there's no worrying about it overworking your skin!

Start off with a cleansed and dry face, then apply an appropriate amount (3~4cm) of peeling gel onto your face. Massage it in with circular motions. After about a minute, you can easily rinse the product off to reveal bright and soft skin!
I do really like the fact that this is so gentle and it's actually really fun to use. Plus, i appreciate it being a thicker gel texture so that it's easier to apply without the mess. I remember when peeling gels first appeared on the market, they were not only expensive but quite liquidly - which made it harder to use without dripping.

Marine Blend Clay Pack ($14.90)
The clay pack contains 3 types of clay (marine, green, and white) to remove dead skin and absorb dirt hiding in pores to prevent dull and lusterless complexion. It also helps to speed up cell turnover while purifying the skin, and closes up dilated pores.

Again, use this on a cleansed and dry face. Apply it to the face and wash it out after 3~5 minutes.
This was a really interesting one to use because most of the clay packs I have used are always on the dryer side - which tends to dry up the skin as well (which made them suitable for oily but not dry skin). The Marine Blend Clay Pack goes on really smooth and moist, and my skin felt super soft and hydrated after rinsing off. Plus, extra points for the fact that it only takes a short amount of time (3~5 minutes) to pamper your skin. Lazy girls will love this! In fact, you can put a thicker layer than I did and use it 2~3 times a week.

Both products are available in Watson stores islandwide.

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