Sweet Escape

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Went on a date with B today and it didn't start out well but things are all well now.
Going down to Marina to get my Lotree Luminous Moisture Tinted and *maybe* the I.T. fair tomorrow.
I was craving Ice Cream since yesterday so B, Eugene and I went on a ice cream run to Ice Cream Chefs for Ice Cream but apparently we went too late as the staff were already all packed up and ready to leave, so B and I went again today. We went there past the opening time already therefore we couldn't get any mix-ins ):.
However we still managed to get ice cream! I got Watermelon flavour (it has real watermelon bits inside and they're frozen and crunchy! Major yum)

and B chose Milk Tea (Taste like Lipton yellow tea lor!)

On a random note...
Look what happened to me while i was playing Oven Break.

No floor!


God Gave Me 5 Fingers For A Reason. My pinky is for my best friends and our promises that will never be broken, my ring finger is for him and for proof that we’ll be together forever, my middle finger is for that girl that pushes me too far and to show her how I feel, my pointer finger is to silence them, to savor the moment, my thumb is for everyone, to let them know that I’m gonna be okay, No Matter What.



  1. Heyyyyy babe how much were your braces?? =)

  2. To Anonymous
    $3.5k SGD excluding extraction and other extra supplies (:


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