Tuesday, November 30, 2010
I'm back after mia-ing for so long hahaha. Its because i haven't been using my own laptop for ages and B's laptop's bluetooth isn't working. I don't like blogging without pictures, so there's that.
So be prepared for a whole spam post to make up for all the overdues.

1.I saw this Rilakkuma laptop sticker at Marina the other day and B had actually agreed to let me paste the stickers on his laptop since my laptop was shared with my sister and she didn't allow me to stick on ours.

So cute right! B's so nice to me hehehe ^^.

2. Bleached my hair using Palty hair bleach. Luvin' the colour.

3. Took a picture with Elva and Candy during our very last beauty blogger briefing. Gotta miss getting goodies before they're launched ),:.

4. Hauls from the mega flea at Expo ^^. LOVE THEM ALL. I'm soooo addicted to every single one of the items now.

All of them.

M.A.C 150 Large Powder Brush.

M.A.C 168 Contour Blush Brush

M.A.C 116 Blush Brush

End of brushes. The M.A.C brushes are such a steal because they cost less than half of what's sold in the stores and are absolutely authentic! The quality is really really great and i'm simply addicted.

End of haul.


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