All i want for Christmas, is you.

Friday, December 3, 2010
Its that time of the year again.... December. December came really quickly this year and not only does it scream Holidays, it screams year-end sales and none other than Christmas (Shopping and drafting of wishlists haha)
So here is my wish list for this year. Even though i know i can't afford them and is less likely to get it, making a wish list keeps myself even that bit happier :3.

1. Get a job.
I know you must be thinking : "Its the festive season, who the hell thinks about getting a job?". Well, me. For one, it lets me earn some money so that i can buy the stuffs i want, and get some nice stuffs for the Boy too, rather than stay broke and idle all the way till i know what else i want to continue doing with my life.

2. Samsung NX10

Wanted this for soooo long since I've laid my hands on it at the Samsung store. Love the semi-pro picture quality and it's not as bulky as DSLRs. Nobody wants to carry a DSLR everywhere you go (and it's really hard to carry a DSLR when you have a small bag), or compromise for shitty quality. This is just a perfect mix.

3. Cannon Eos 550DThe new Cannon Eos 60D

Everyone wants one. I'm no exception. So on those days I'm out to get professional pictures, I'd be able to bring this out.

4. Fujifilm Instax 210

Have got my eyes on this since the time i was trying to get an Instax Mini online. I love how it takes landscape pictures and look oh-so-cute.

5. Chanel 2.55

Need i say more? Its so versatile and gorgeous!

6. A new couple watch with the Boyfee.

(Random picture off the internet)
Cause ours are super cui now hahah.

7. Sigma's Classic Belt Roll

So that i can bring my brushes out hahahah (okay bimbotic max)

8. TONS of clothes (and shoes) aka shopping spree ):

Well, that's it for now. *flying kisses*

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