My vanity (Makeup Shelf)

Monday, January 24, 2011
All this while you guys have seen me writing reviews about this or that. Or tweeting/blogging about using this/that product or item.

Are you interested in what is actually contained on my vanity?

That was a rhetorical question

Whatever your answer is, I'm gonna assume that YES you are interested and proceed to showing you what is on my vanity. Wahahahahah.

Truth be told, I do not own a dressing table. I have two custom built shelves and 4 mirrors from Ikea to make up for it. And the best part is that they're by the wall beside my bed.

Don't even have to get out of my bed to do my makeup! Morning wake up do make up change can go out liao heheheh. (Kidding! You should always cleanse your face to remove the layer of dirt and sebum that accumulates while you sleep so that when you put on your makeup, the chances of it clogging your pores are minimized.)

This is what happens during the process of me packing my stuffs. Especially makeup. I pile everything together, (take a picture) then slowly pack it .

I ALWAYS have the habit of keeping the boxes of whatever beauty products or makeup i buy. Bad habit lor hahaha. Waste my space only hahah.

Okay, now the rundown.
Detailed and labeled pictures of what went where. I just loooooove my EX1 heheheh.

My kabuki brush (the tiny short brush over there) was placed there because there wasn't enough space to display/store without hiding it ):.

In case you're wondering. 99% of my brushes are from M.A.C and E.L.F.

Down the aisle...

(Update: Now my 3 minature BB creams from ElishaCoy are sloted between the Liquid Foundations and Compacts. Link for the pic is on my twitter. Or stay tuned for my blogpost on it ^^)

End of the shelf!

The shelf above this contains my beauty products. Moisturisers, Masks, some Haircare products etc etc.

Here contains my masks, youth code products, samples of beauty/skincare products, haircare products (some of 'em) and oral care products ^^.
(Update: An additional box of Love More mask hhehehehe ^^)

Well, that's my vanity for you! Hope this post was entertaining hahahaha.

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