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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
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Image credits for this post goes to ClubCouture (Necklace for Casual look) and google. Compiling of pictures are done by myself.

Even though Singapore is always experiencing Summer, fashion boutiques like Topshop, Zara and Mango (to name a few) always have their stocks to suit the prevailing season of the Country they originate from. (In most cases, USA)

Right now, SPRING is approaching!!

What else to do except pick out a few Spring essentials for this upcoming season? (Of course there's always make up essentials but that's for another post hahaha)

My point in doing this post is because...

Reebonz is hosting a bags giveaway!!

Who says essentials can only be basics? My Spring essential would be........

THIS. Marc Jacob's The XL Single.

This bag is like the perfect mix for me. So cute, yet chic and perfect for casual and formal events/uses. To facilitate you with coming up with outfits I can wear with the bag, these are a few.

Spring 2011 colour trends predictions are

The colour scheme I have come up with are a rather nude-y colour. Probably in between Silver Peony and Russet?

I wanted to choose a series of colours that would compliment all skin tones and is more suitable for people who are not daring enough to wear the bold colours like those listed above.

1. Casual Look.

A tank top with a cropped blazer + shorts. The bag just pulls the whole look together and adds another dimension to it. Complete with a few little accessories like a necklace, watch and nude oxford heels.

The look will look something like this

Nude shoes + the XL single will give it that extra oomph to get everyone's attention (in a good way of course)

2. Date Look.

Really simple look with a white dress and wedged clogs. Accessories to compliment can be a belt/bracelet + a rose gold ring (I just love rose gold colour. I have a watch in that colour). The bag adds a dash of colour and sophistication to the look. Wear it on the first date and there's bound to be a second ^_*.

3. Evening Look.

What more can i say? A bejewelled white maxi dress (or evening gown) matched with nude heels and a rose gold bangle. The bag adds an air of class and demure-ness into the whole look.

That completes as to "Why Marc Jacob's XL Single is my Spring essential"

Hope you guys liked it, xx.

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