Stand a chance to be Formula 10.0.6 fresh new face

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
How does getting $1006 in CASH sounds to you??

I'm sure to many, if not most, $1006 is a huge amount of moolah to get.

HOW do you get that?

Take part in this contest!

Formula 10.0.6 is giving away $1006 in CASH for the search of their very own
One Smooth Operator and Miss Best Face Forward!

Before I continue, some of you might have questions like "What is Formula 10.0.06?" and "What is this about?"

Read on, and I'll clarify!
Formula 10.0.6 is a skincare brand that positioned itself in the teenage skin care market. Fresh, effective, pumped full of natural ingredients, and endorsed by three generations of Australians – FORMULA 10.0.6 is causing a stir on the high-street thanks for its revitalised range for troublesome young skin.
FORMULA 10.0.6 uses all ingredients from the natural source which contains natural botanicals that are on-trend and proven scientifically to work. From funky names like Best Face Forward & One Smooth Operator, to eye catching packaging that spells fun, Formula 10.0.6 speaks to the new generation of youths – a beauty-savvy bunch looking for simple skin care that works. The revamped range features cover every skin care demand-friendly products, Singapore’s only FUN & FUNKY FORMULA to get rid of troublesome young skin

If you're a Watsons browser like myself, you'd have definitely seen it on their shelves somewhere (I know they have it at the Plaza Singapura outlet @ B2)

Are you the ones they are looking for?
Mr One Smooth Operator is smooth with the ladies, cool with the guys, has a good sense of humour and of course, a gentleman at heart. As for Miss Best Face Forward, shes girl’s best friend, is humble and kind, the girl-next-door, and has a cheerful personality

(Click on the picture to be directed to their facebook page ^^)

Simple as that! They have also sent my their "One smooth operator" and "Best face forward" products to try so stay tuned for my review! xoxomuah.

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