Mothers' Day Celebration 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Can't review anything now cause B's laptop hates the amount of pictures i have in the hard disk and decides to hang everytime it tries to read the pictures *face palm*

Brought mummy for dinner buffet at Kuishinbo a few days before the actual Mothers' Day. She ended up paying for the meal even though we said it was our treat, so yeah x.x

The mother looking at the menu and refusing to take a good picture..

Our lil something something for her ^^.

Okay, if you're hungry you can go ahead and skip this part.

Well, these are the only pictures I've got before i started hardcore nomming on the crab legs hahaha.

The food there was actually quite good, especially the teppanyaki beef and seafood. The desserts and chocolate fondue there was pretty good too. (Girls, do check out Kuishinbo's website as they offer a Ladies Night on one of the weekdays. Family deals too ^^. )

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