New vanity

Monday, May 30, 2011

Why is my vanity shelf empty, you ask?

It's cause i got myself a new vanity shelf to put all my beauty products and makeup!! (It was self-assembled, with help from B and a lil from the sister)

TEEHEE (so nigahiga hahaha)

6 compartments (for the flattest "drawers") as seen from the number of "slots"

Aerial view of what's on top of my vanity

Brushes, makeup removers/remover wipes, cleansers, body creams and contacts.

1st Drawer

Skincare and pre-makeup-products.

2nd Drawer

Primers, concealers, BB creams, powders.

3rd Drawer

Blushes, lippies/glosses, eye makeup.

4th Drawer

Masks and samples.

5th Drawer

Travel sized hair care products and brand new haircare products.


  1. do you know where ur B and sister buy the 6 compartment drawer?? i would like to get myself one too...

  2. @Joann Oh
    Hi Joann, i bought the drawers from Ikea. It's around the child/baby section. The compartment boxes are sold separately, and you can find frames with more space for you to put the compartment too. Hope this helps (:


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