Thursday, June 30, 2011
As you can see, I've updated my "Sponsors" bar, and Naruko is one of them! :D.
Along with a couple of other products from other sponsors, Naruko Singapore sent me some stuffs to review ^-^.

Before i get to reviewing them (I want to try them out for at least a week, but am trying another sponsored product right now) I want to share with you babes where can you get them!

Naruko has just signed an EXCLUSIVITY contract with Watsons (which means that Watsons will be their exclusive distributor apart from being able to buy the products on Naruko's Website) and they will be showcasing Naruko Skincare products at 40 out of the 100+ Watsons stores in Singapore tomorrow!

In case you didn't know, Naruko is founded by Niu Er Lao Shi and they're all for "upholding the high quality standard of Niu Er teacher, and are dedicated to providing you with the best after-sale support. "

All authentic products from Naruko comes with a holographic sticker with Niu Er Lao Shi's face on it to prove that it's genuine and lets their consumers buy the products with ease.

Another reason for you to purchase Naruko products (apart from it being really good - as you can see from various reviews online) it because they are Going Green! Their product boxes are not glued down, and can be easily opened such that it becomes a flat piece, and the interior of the box are designed with patterns and parts for you to cut out!
Check out what various fans are using the boxes for! (Pictures from Naruko's Facebook page)

I can't wait to start using my Naruko boxes for various purposes!

Here is the listing of Watsons outlets that will be showcasing Naruko products tomorrow!
Stay tuned for my review and in the mean time, you can check out Naruko's website (just click on the banner over there under my sponsors) to see which product will be suitable for you! *You can also gather friends to buy in bulk with you for more savings!

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