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Saturday, July 2, 2011
It wasn't until today when i asked B to help me take a picture of my hair from the back did I realise that my hair has grown so long. (Because i never look at my own back view in the mirror)

Before you get to saying it, I know my hair's not in a very good condition partially because i've been too lazy (and tired before bed) lately to even apply my night leave-on nowadays *facepalm*. I've been trying to keep it's condition as well as i possibly can by not using a heated tool or exposing it to heat for quite a while now (I have been AIR DRYING my super thick hair...). Also I've dyed my hair to a very dark shade of brown so it eliminates the need for me to keep re-dying my hair, and expose it to harmful chemicals.

The ends of my hair are super dry, have breakage points, and also split ends fml -_-.

That aside, the point of my post is to let you, my dear readers, know that I'm going to start doing reviews for hair products! Well, I'm thinking of inserting them randomly into the mass of upcoming reviews I have, once I'm done with the sponsored ones with deadlines, since most of my upcoming posts are half done already. Well, that's about it.

Coming up next: Maybelline's Hyper Sharp Liner Review.


  1. if you are able to, try getting the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette line of shampoo and conditioner. Made my hair super soft and manageable. It might be too rich the first few washes, but in a week your hair will adjust and be in it's most glorious state! Haha, I should totally do a review. Anyways, it works for me, but I keep to the alternate wash day rule, so yeah. Hope it helps!

  2. @Jien
    Hahahaits okay now, i just trimmed off the ends recently. Thanks thou! <3


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