Tiffany Mint Mermaid

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Couple of days back, I headed back to my nail sponsor - D'Nail Palette, to get a new design because my nail has already grown out from the previous. I went back with gems intact and have gotten so many compliments on the previous set of gel nails over the period that I had it on my fingers!

Started off with the usual removal of the previous set. Phyl started with removing the crystals, followed by cuticle prep, and the proceeded to buff away the remaining gel polish and reshape my nails slightly.

She then applied the base for touching up of my hard gel overlay. My nails haven't been so long for such a long period of time because they were always breaking and chipping and lifting due to the excessive amount of type that I do - which adds stress onto the nails. Thanks to the hard gel (which not only allowed my nails to grow longer without chipping and the likes) my nail beds have also gotten longer, which visually adds to the illusion of longer fingers. Yay!
Just look at my nails now! These are my natural nails with just the hard gel overlay.

Like previously, I would send Phyl a picture of roughly what I wanted done and to check if she was able to do it. The only thing I had to do was pick there colours and let Phyl work her magic on my fingernails!

This time round I picked a Tiffany Green/Mint colour which was such a good choice! Instead of leaving my nails clean like the previous set, Phyl chose a light pink colour which matched my natural nails to better match the design.

Putting on the iridescent sequins..

And, the end results!! I'm really loving it (not that I didn't love the previous designs), and was squealing to Phyl about it being so nice LOL. As told by Phyl, this set of nails will cost $69. Quote "Jamie" to get 10% off!

Under artifical light

Natural sunlight

I added "Mermaid" into this look because the sequins makes me think of mermaid scales! Not that I've actually seen any.. just that I thought that if I were to ever see it, this is what they'd look like.

Also, check out Phyl's new (very chio and very chill) cat. She (or he??) was sleeping next to my bag the entire time I got my nails done. Also, her fur was so soft and she let me pet her!!
Apparently, she likes to sleep next to the area where Phyl's customers put their bags. (She also gav my bag a lick before sleeping there lol.) So if you're afraid of cats, I would suggest that you let Phyl know beforehand!

Remember to refer to the promotions on my side bar if you intend to make an appointment with Phyl!

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